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Deputy Séamus Healy

Deputy Séamus Healy

Budget 2013 is a savage attack on low & middle income families and children.

It targets the poorest people in society, the working poor and middle Ireland while allowing the wealthy to get off scot free.

A typical low income family with two children will lose a minimum of €1100 per annum or €22 a week.

Children are being particularly targeted with child benefit cuts of €10 euro per month for the first and second child and €18 euro per month for the third child.

Labour in particular has reneged on families. The public will recall Labour party ads in the 2011 general election calling for “the protection of child benefit, saying it has been cut too much already” and that Labour was “ against Fine Gael’s latest proposal to cut child benefit”.“Families need Labour in Government”, we were told.

Another blow to families is the introduction of a new Property Tax on the family home- this is unjust and unfair and is not based on ability to pay.

The removal of the PRSI allowance and the reduction in back to school clothing & footwear schemes are totally unacceptable.

The elderly and the ill are also being targeted with cuts to the electricity, gas and telephone household package and a 200% increase to €1.50 per item in prescription charges.

Carer’s find themselves on the wrong end of a particularly nasty cut of €325 to the respite care grant.

Alternatives and opportunities to tax wealth and high earners were ignored.

This is the 6th austerity budget which has in total has taken €27.5 billion out of the economy and will lead to further job losses, emigration and the closure of small businesses.


Seamus Healy Independent T.D. for Tipperary South

Workers & Unemployed Action Group South Tipperary

087- 2802199


At the Annual General Meeting of the Workers and Unemployed Action Group it was unanimously agreed that the group would make a donation to start the Mayor’s Fund for 2012.

Yesterday afternoon, members of the group met with WUAG Cllr Billy Shoer, Mayor of Clonmel and presented him with a cheque for €1000, from the Worker’s and Unemployed Action Group, toward the Mayor’s Fund.

The cheque was presented by WUAG Treasurer, Mrs Kathleen Bulbert.  Also present were WUAG Councillors Pat English, Brian O’Donnell and Helena McGee.

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