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Seamus Healy TD was the only Tipperary TD To Vote Against The Government Motion To Appeal the Award of 13 billion Plus Interest to Ireland in Corporation Tax at the Special Sitting of Dáil Eireann.
Deputy Healy said “I am proud to have voted against the return of in excess of 13 billion Euro to Apple. I want the money to be used to address the severe crises in housing, health, education and other public services for the needy. Sweetheart deals and allowing corporate entities to avoid paying their fair share of tax have serious consequences for ordinary people. It is not a victimless crime.
We have, for instance, a serious housing emergency, with more than 100,000 families on housing waiting lists, and a growing homelessness problem, with 2,000 children living in emergency accommodation. Families continue to be evicted from their homes by banks owned by the State. Hundreds of thousands of people are on hospital waiting lists and chaos prevails in hospital emergency departments. Home help services, home care packages and education are being cut and the list goes on. Low and middle income families are also being fleeced by the universal social charge, house tax, inheritance tax, VAT, student fees and the water tax. Fine Gael, the “Endapendents”, Fianna Fáil and the Labour Party are betraying the Irish people by refusing to accept €13 billion with interest from the €228 billion which Apple has resting in subsidiaries with no tax residence anywhere in the world.
The same politicians meekly gave €64 billion of citizens’ money to large international investors who gambled on Irish bank bonds and imposed austerity on our people They now want to give back the guts of €19 billion to one of the largest companies in the world, thus leaving our public services in deep crisis”.
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