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Earlier today, 21.02.2014, Deputy Healy was interviewed by Seamus Martin on Tipp Fm.

Seamus Martin introduced the item as follows:

“During yesterdays leaders questions in the Dáil Seamus Healy Independant TD for South Tipperary accused the Labour Party of betraying James Connolly and Michael Davitt in selling off the homes of over 13,000 Irish families to vulture capitalists, the modern equivalent of rack rent landlords. He asked if this was not economic treason but Joan Burton (Minister for Social Protection) for the Government defended the sale.”

Click Here for Leaders Questions 20.02.14


Link to this mornings show:

Seamus Healy TD on Morning Ireland re Water Charges

Courtesy of Morning Ireland:

How long before consumers know how much they will pay in water charges?

Seamus Healy, Independent TD for South Tipperary, discusses claims by Taoiseach Enda Kenny that water charges will be revealed before the local and European elections.

The link above is for the whole programme, the relevant piece starts at 27 minutes 45 seconds, or, click the option on the right which reads:

“How long before consumers know how much they will pay in water charges?”

This will bring you directly to the relevant podcast.

Statement by Seamus Healy TD (WUA)    087-2802199.  Sent by Paddy Healy 086-4183732 on behalf of the Deputy.

Seamus Healy TD was interviewed by Keelin Shanley on  the Sean O’Rourke Programme on RTE this morning on the question of repossession of homes. A clip from his Leaders question to Eamonn Gilmore on the issue was also played.

Seamus reiterated that there was up to 30,000 mortgage holders with no disposal income who cannot avail of the personal insolvency procedure and are daily losing their homes. This had already been accepted by Minister Ruairi Quinn in contradiction to the positions of Eamonn Gilmore and Enda Kenny.

On the programme, Julie Sadlier solicitor for the Phoenix Project backed up Deputy Healy’s position and portrayed an even wider problem. Ms Sadlier advised people in this dilemma not to voluntarily surrender their homes as much could be done by organisations such as Phoenix to keep them in their homes. Phoenix Project, Port laoise, is a not for profit charitable organisation

Seamus Healy reiterated his call to government to introduce new legislation to stop bailed out banks bullying and harassing people out of their homes.  He pointed out that the state is being left with the payment of rent allowance to families who have been effectively evicted from their homes.

Seamus Healy  TD


Healy Forces Government To Admit That There is a Problem for Low income Families With Distressed Mortgages remaining in their Homes

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