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Kickham Street Car Park: At a recent meeting of Clonmel Borough District I requested that the council reinstate the road markings and signed at the entrance and exit to Kickham Street Car Park in the interest of public safety. The council agreed to provide the necessary works.


School Traffic Warden at Queen Street: At a recent meeting of Clonmel Borough District I requested that the council reinstate a school traffic warden at the pedestrian crossing at Queen Street Clonmel in the interest of the health and safety of the children attending the local primary schools. I was advised that the process of replacing the warden at this location has commenced. I will continue to follow up.


Footpath beside River suir from the Dry Bridge, Old Bridge to Denis Burke Park: At a recent meeting of Clonmel Borough District I requested that the council look at providing a footpath beside the River Suir from the Dry Bridge, Old Bridge to Denis Burke Park. The council advised that the matter had been examined and will involve further detailed analysis. They have a number of concerns including there being no buffer between the footpath and the end river edge therefore a railing would be required. They stated that a railing would likely be an impediment to flow at medium/high river levels and any such proposal would need the consent of the O.P.W. The council advised that the proposal is within the confines of the river channel at medium/high river levels and may have adverse impacts on river levels. They stated a hydrological assessment would be required. They also advised that there are gradient issues which required further analysis. I will continue to follow up on this matter and keep you updated.

Seamus Healy TD Speaking on the Motion re TD and Senator Pay under Lansdowne Road Agreement 08 November 2016

“That Tipperary County Council provide traffic calming measures at Loughtally, Clonmel in the interest of public safety.”

Tipperary County Council reply:
“The L3212 Loughtally Road is a local primary road with an average width of 5m and a speed limit of 80km/hr. Traffic calming measures such as ramps, chicanes or build – outs are not recommended for roads outside of an urban (city/town/village) environment.
Over the past number of tears Tipperary County Council have responded to residents concerns regarding traffic speed with the introduction of SLOW” and “CHILDREN AT PLAY” signs.
Tipperary County Council will install “SLOW” road markings over the coming weeks, however any further traffic calming measures would not b appropriate at this location.

Cllr Pat English – Notice of Motion 52

“That Tipperary County Council provide 2 speed ramps at Ashgrove Lawn in the interest of public safety, the residents of Ashgrove Lawn are very concerned for the safety of the large amount or young children who live in the area.”

The Council have stated that they will consider this request in future roadworks programmes as the 2014 roadworks programme has already been agreed.

Motion re Ambulance Service:

“That Dáil Éireann:

acknowledging the:

selfless dedication to their work of the paramedics in our ambulance service;

high quality of care that they provide; and

uniquely pressurised nature of the work they undertake;

recognises that:

there is nationwide concern and disquiet about the provision of ambulance services;

this situation can be exacerbated by delays in accident and emergency wards;

in 2013 only one in every three people with life-threatening conditions were responded to within the target time;

delays in ambulance response times far exceed both national and international accepted norms;

large areas of the population right across the country are regularly left without any local ambulance cover;

the Health Service Executive lowered the ambulance response time targets to 80 per cent in 2012 and 70 per cent in 2013; and

the centralisation of control and dispatch has led to concerns about a lack of local knowledge and the impact that can have;

notes that:

the Republic of Ireland, with a population of 4.6 million, has an ambulance service that employs less than 1,600 staff and an annual budget of €137.4 million;

Northern Ireland, with a population of 1.7 million, has an ambulance service that employs just fewer than 1200 staff with an annual budget of £62 million (€78 million); and

Scotland, with a population of 5.3 million, has an ambulance service that employs over 4,500 staff with an annual budget of £203.5 million (€258 million);

believes that:

while paramedics do their utmost to provide a service to the highest international standards, this is impossible with current budgets;

it is essential that paramedics be properly resourced to carry out their work; and

such resources are not currently forthcoming from the Government; and
calls for the ambulance service to be appropriately resourced so as to ensure a safe and efficient service nationwide.”

Deputy Seamus Healy:   I rise to support the motion on the ambulance service requesting adequate funding for the service. Anybody who has an eye to see or an ear to hear knows that the ambulance service is under-funded, under-resourced, understaffed and under-equipped and that it compares unfavourably with our neighbours in Northern Ireland and particularly Scotland. We have about 1,600 staff while Scotland, which has a similar population, has 4,500 staff and double the funding. It is widely accepted that the ambulance service in this country is in crisis. The Minister has looked for a review from HIQA. The unions and staff associations have been looking for a resource study for a number of years and I believe the HSE has finally agreed to such a study.

In these circumstances, there should be no more service cuts and certainly no more service cuts in south Tipperary. I commend the Tipperary Ambulance Action Group which is opposed to the cuts across south Tipperary and came together to campaign on this issue. It has completed a comprehensive study of the ambulance service in south Tipperary. The study confirms that on the basis of the current ambulance service configuration in the county which is based on three stations – Clonmel, Cashel and Tipperary town – the current staffing levels and equipment in those stations, in excess of 55% of the population of south Tipperary cannot be given an adequate service that meets the minimum response times. What does the HSE want to do? On top of a crisis, it wants to introduce further cuts. This is completely ridiculous and I am calling on the Minister to stop any cuts in the ambulance service, not just in south Tipperary but throughout the country, and to ensure that the service is properly funded and staffed.

At the September 2012 monthly meeting of Clonmel Borough Council the following Notices of Motion were put forward by Workers and Unemployed Action Group Councillors:

Notices of Motion in the name of Cllr Billy Shoer, Mayor of Clonmel:

Notice of Motion 3146: “That palisade fencing be erected on the lane way wall beside house no. 1 St Oliver Plunkett Terrace to stop youths coming through resident’s front garden”.

Notice of Motion 3145: “That the lane way to the rear of 245 – 251 Elm Park be cleared of over grown trees/weeds, and resurfaced”.




Notices of Motion in the name of Cllr Teresa Ryan, Deputy Mayor of Clonmel:

Notice of Motion3142: “That Clonmel Borough Council requests the Minister for Environment, Community and Local Government to change the current housing guidelines to allow single parents who reside with their parents to be approved for housing.”

Notice of Motion 3149: “That this Council call on Minister Phil Hogan T.D. to reverse his decision to withdraw €170m from Local Authorities in the 2012 Budget”.



Notices of Motion in the name of Cllr Pat English:

Notice of Motion3143: “That Clonmel Borough Council provides CCTV cameras at William Street, Clonmel to prevent anti – social behaviour taking place in this area”.

Notice of Motion 3148: “That Clonmel Borough Council requests the Taoiseach, Enda Kenny, to honour his election pledge to bring accountability and transparency to Government by the eradication of waste and duplication of state bodies.

Far from reducing the number of quangos in state bodies, it now emerges there are 34 new quangos on Mr. Kenny’s watch”.



Notices of Motion in the name of Cllr Brian O’Donnell:

Notice of Motion 3152: “That Clonmel Borough Council clean and tarmac the laneway to side and rear of houses on the eastern side of St. Oliver’s Square, Elm Park as all the other lanes in Elm Park have been done”.

Notice of Motion 3153: “That Clonmel Borough Council clean and tarmac the laneway’s between houses 21 – 36 at Bianconi Drive”.



Notices of Motion in the name of Cllr Helena McGee:

Notice of Motion 3144: “That Clonmel Borough Council installs CCTV at the cemetery to deter the taking of memorials etc. from graves”.

Notice of Motion 3157: “That speed ramps be installed at Highfield Grove along the straight stretch of Road adjacent and parallel to the Frank Drohen Inner Relief Road”.

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