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“Fianna Fáil and Government undermine Irish Neutrality”

Seamus Healy TD:
I condemn this New alliance with British and French Navies To Push Refugees Back to “Hell on Earth” in Libyan Detention Camps.

Leaders Questions 11 July 2017

The Taoiseach’s reply today regarding South Tipperary General Hospital was absolutely disappointing and unacceptable. As the Taoiseach, the HSE, the management of the hospital and the management of the South-South West hospital group well know, the situation in South Tipperary General Hospital is absolutely atrocious.

Seamus Healy TD speaking on the Quarterly Report on Housing 06 July 2017

Deputy Healy speaking on the Motion re Bin Charges

Deputy Healy Speaking on the National Broadband Plan

Seamus Healy TD raising the shocking neglect of job creation in Tipperary.



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Shocking Neglect Of Job Creation in Co Tipp by Recent Govts
Emergency Action by Govt is Needed Now!-Seamus Healy TD
Tipp Town(34.0%) and Carrick-on- Suir (29.2%) are UNEMPLOYMENT BLACKSPOTS! Jobless rates in 26 Towns and Villages in County are 5% or more over the National AvG
Co Tipperary is bottom of the Table for IDA Jobs per Head of population of the 7 Counties Across the SE and MW Regions
Co Tipperary is 1 from bottom of the Table for IDA Jobs per head across the 26-counties of Ireland

Emergency Action by Government Needed on Tipperary Town and Carrick-on-Suir unemployment blackspots.

Press Statement
Emergency Action by Government Needed on Tipperary Town and Carrick-on-Suir unemployment blackspots.

The unemployment rates of 34.0% in the Eastern Part of Tipperary Town and 29.2% in Carrick-on-Suir, the two Co. Tipp blackspots, are truly shocking.

The neglect of Co Tipperary by successive governments is clear from the recent census results issued by the Central Statistics Office(CSO). The average unemployment in Co Tipperary at 14.6% is worse than that in Limerick City and County which has 18 Blackspots and well above the national average! A blackspot is local area which has unemployment of more than 27%.

Co Tipperary at 14.6% is the 12th worst of the 30 administrative counties in the state. This compares with a rate of 7.4% in the administrative county of Dun Laoire-Rathdown.

Co Tipperary has no preferred employment hub designated by the Industrial Development Authority (IDA) for inward investment-unlike Counties Cork, Limerick and Waterford.
I have repeatedly called on the Minister for, Enterprise and Employment in the Dáil to end this discrimination against Co Tipperary. I now repeat my call to the new Minister, to bring forward special measures to eliminate the blackspots and to give Co Tipperary it’s fair share of government spending and inward investment.
Seamus Healy TD
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