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Doorsteps Cry Out Against Broken Promises – Seamus Healy

The most consistent and angriest complaint on the door steps is of broken promises and the resultant targeting of those on low and middle incomes for cuts and new taxes.
When considering promises and announcements by Labour and Fine Gael in this General Election Campaign, voters are considering what happened to the promises they made in the last General Election Campaign.

The Public have been pointing out to me the litany of broken promises which include:

St. Michael’s Unit.

At a local level, Labour Leader Eamonn Gilmore, promised to protect South Tipperary General Hospital. Labour Minister, Kathleen Lynch, in government, closed down St Michael’s Psychiatric Unit in Clonmel and transferred it to Kilkenny.

Hospital Trolleys

We will “end the scandal of Hospital Trolleys” said Enda Kenny. The result is Trolley Chaos in our Emergency Departments, the closure of 2,000 hospital beds, the loss of 11,000 health staff and the loss of 2 million home help hours.
Water Tax

Through the 2011 General Election TESCO AD and in its election manifesto, The Labour Party promised to prevent the introduction of domestic water tax. In government they agreed to introduce this tax and Minister Alan Kelly is now implementing it.

Child Benefit

In the 2011 General Election Tesco AD, the Labour Party said it would prevent Fine Gael reducing Child Benefit. Labour leader Joan Burton, in government, did the opposite and cut Child Benefit.


Fine Gael Leader, Enda Kenny, said “ It Is Morally Wrong, Unjust and Unfair to Tax a Person’s Home”. But in Government, he introduced this unfair tax.

Lone Parents

Speaking in the Dáil on 18th April 2012, Minister Joan Burton said she would only proceed with plans to reform the One Parent Family Payment by 2014/15 if she got a “credible and bankable commitment” by the time of Budget 2013 that the Irish Government would put in place “a system of safe, affordable and accessible child care, similar to what is found in the Scandinavian countries to whose systems of social protection we aspire”.
Minister Burton went ahead with the changes without any such child care system being in place.


Enda Kenny promised to increase the Garda Force by 2,000 Gardaí. The result was 2,000 less Gardaí, 130 Garda Station closed and increased levels of rural crime.

Heating Allowances

Then there was the Labour Manifesto promise to invest in ending fuel poverty which causes unnecessary deaths of older people every winter. “However, Labour will also take immediate action to alleviate the risk of fuel poverty in the short term by reinvesting €40 million from the
carbon tax to alleviate fuel poverty, and by developing a national fuel
poverty strategy as set out in Labour’s Fuel Poverty and Energy
Conservation Bill.” Labour Party Manifesto 2011.
Instead, the heating allowances were cut by the Labour Leader
The Public are fed up of broken promises. They are taking the recent spate of promises from all the political parties with a large dose of salt.

The Door Steps say Don’t Believe Them and Don’t Let It Happen Again!

Seamus Healy TD
Tel : 087-2802199


Seamus Healy TD



Banking Inquiry Confirms that Irish Super-Rich and Entire Irish Elite Are Responsible for Greatest Crisis in the Financial History of the State

Statement by Seamus Healy TD  0872802199

Banking Inquiry Confirms that Irish Super-Rich and Entire Irish Elite Are Responsible for Greatest Crisis in the Financial History of the State


The report of the Banking Inquiry and the published evidence shows that the greed of the Irish rich combined with the compliance of their elites are responsible for untold misery due to the financial crash including mass unemployment, emigration, negative equity, loss of homes and life savings. It also showed that the policies of successive governments have left Ireland with no economic sovereignty to protect our citizens.

A new left government completely excluding Fianna Fail and Fine Gael is necessary to tackle this situation. New regulations and procedures are not enough. The rich and their elite hangers on will not implement any regulations if it does not suit the  rich.

The government, central bank and the regulator had plenty powers and advance information to enable them to intervene to prevent the crash but failed to use them.

In his evidence to the Inquiry, the then Deputy Governor of the Central Bank Tom O’Connell, put it in a nutshell: ““It’s sometimes said that nobody seemed to know that a property boom or bubble was developing. That’s … that is completely incorrect in my view ——Ireland’s banking and economic crash should never have happened, should never have been allowed to happen, with all the consequences of huge increases in unemployment, rising emigration, enormous debt, suicides, etc., that we have seen.-the liquidity pumped out into the banks was €140 billion, you know, with the … both from the Central Bank and the ECB. I mean, once you spell that out, that’s €140,000 million – there are 12 digits in that.——- One can only surmise that, as Professor Alan Ahearne has said here to your committee, too many people were benefitting from the boom time for prudence avoidance … prudent avoidance measures to have been taken. ”

TOM O’Connell is right!

The Inquiry found that the almost universal adoption of the “soft-landing theory” without any substantial testing or challenge“must be regarded as a key failing for the government, the Central Bank and the Department of Finance”-Ciaran Lynch TD Chair. The Economic and Social Research Institute, charged with advising citizens and government on economic matters, and employing numerous professors of economics, also predicted a soft landing.

There was significant overlap in membership between the board of the Central Bank and the governing council of the ESRI. Irish elite insiders from business, trade union leadership, academia and the business professions  dominated both boards.

Citizens should use the election to clear out the representatives of the super- rich from government before the cause another similar crash

Seamus Healy TD

Right to Vote

Are you registered to vote?  Please contact Seamus Healy’s office on 052 6121883 for information and forms.

The right to vote is as follows:

> Irish citizens may vote at every election and referendum;

> British citizens may vote at Dáil elections, European elections and local elections;

> Other European Union (EU) citizens may vote at European and local elections*

> Non-EU citizens may vote at local elections only.

March at 2pm in Clonmel

imageAt 2pm today we march in Clonmel not just against the water charges but we march for change.


We march for the Right to:


– Have a health service which is fit for purpose.


– Education, including the restoration and increased provision of SNA’s, and an education which is truly free.


– Have gainful and decent employment which would provide dignity, respect and a living wage.


– Democratic Reform where citizens are at the heart of decision making.


– Housing, and to end homelessness and clearing of social housing waiting lists.


– Sustainable Energy, fighting climate change is not a ‘cost’ – it is a necessary strategy for human survival.


– Natural Resources. The assets of our nation were declared in the 1916 Proclamation as belonging to the citizens of Ireland, a Proclamation which
also pledged to cherish all the citizens of the state equally. The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) is one of the biggest threats to people’s ability to provide labour, social, and environmental protection and represents a proposed transfer of economic and political sovereignty from the Irish citizens to multi-national corporations.


– Equality, the right to equality encompasses social and economic rights which are implied and un-enumerated rights in our Constitution. These rights should be protected in legislation which will address the issues of poverty.


– Debt Justice, as past recklessness of financial speculation is imposing an intolerable burden on people’s future.


Just us at the Main Guard, Clonmel at 2pm.


Seamus Healy TD – 0872802199

David Begg Should Withdraw From the Pensions Authority following the conclusions of the report of The Banking Inquiry. Tánaiste Burton should Now resign.

David Begg Should Withdraw From the Pensions Authority following the conclusions of the report of The Banking Inquiry.
Tánaiste Burton should Now resign.

The banking inquiry has come down hard against the Regulator and the Central Bank—RTE NEWS.

The Banking Inquiry has found that both the Financial Regulator and Central Bank had sufficient powers to intervene in the banking sector to protect the financial stability of the State, but neither intervened decisively according to a Report on RTE News.

In my contribution to the recent “no confidence” debate in the Dáil, I said on the record of the Dáil: “I believe that Mr. Begg, who signed off on the financial stability reports of the Central Bank during those years (2003-2007) is particularly unsuited to and not qualified for this particular appointment.”

Mr. Begg was a member of the board of the Central Bank from 2003 to 2007. This board, including Mr Begg, allowed the financial system as a whole to borrow 50% of GDP, a level of borrowing that was hitherto unprecedented according to Former Governor of the Central Bank, Patrick Honohan.

The board of the Central Bank failed in its primary duty to protect the value of shares owned by tens of thousands of citizens.

On the basis of the Financial Stability Reports to which David Begg assented, financial consultants advised pensioners, redundant workers and those providing for retirement generally to buy shares in financial institutions including banks in Ireland. These citizens have lost their life savings.

The Pensions Authority is also tasked with protecting the pension contributions of citizens. David Begg was a member of the Board of the Central Bank for fourteen years.

I believe that anybody who was a member of that board should be disqualified from any state authority exercising oversight over financial entities including pension funds.

Seamus Healy TD 087-2802199 ​​​​​​

General Election 2016 – Are You Registered to Vote?

The forthcoming General Election which is due to take place in February/March will be the most difficult election we have ever contested with the new all County Constituency and the number of Dáil Seats reduced from 6 to 5.


I would appreciate your help in this election so I can continue to stand up for ordinary people, make sure their voice is heard and ensure that they get a fair crack of the whip.


You can help by giving me your No. 1 Vote and asking your family, relations and friends to give me their No. 1 Vote.


You can check the register at any time to make sure you do have a vote at or alternatively you can contact the office on 052 6121883.


If you or someone you know has recently turned 18 and wishes to register to vote please contact the office and we will be happy to help you with registering.


Many thanks again for your support in the past and looking forward to your continued help during this General Election Campaign.


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