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Seamus Healy T.D. welcomes today’s announcement by Eirgrid that it will not now be proceeding with overhead lines on the Grid Link Project from Cork to Kildare, which was proposed to go through Tipperary.

We do, however, need to stay vigilant until there is further clarification of the alternatives being proposed, he stated.

8 October 2015

Re: Update on the Grid Link Project- overhead line will not proceed

Dear Deputy
In September, we submitted a Report on the Grid Link project to the Government-appointed Independent Expert Panel.
Today, the Independent Expert Panel issued its review of our Report.
Our report sets out equal analysis of three options which meet the need of the Grid Link Project- an overhead, underground and ‘Regional Option’. The ‘Regional Option’ uses technology which is capable of strengthening the existing grid in the region without building additional overhead infrastructure.
We first detailed the ‘Regional Option’ in March 2015, in our ‘Your Grid Your Views’ draft grid development strategy. It uses a technology known as ‘series compensation’, the first time this will be deployed on the Irish transmission grid.  It is an advanced, smart grid technology that will enable more power to flow through existing lines, and so does not require new 400 kV overhead lines.  To complete this solution, an underwater cable across the Shannon estuary is required in addition to some upgrade works to existing transmission lines.
Our Report on the Grid Link Project recommended pursuing this option, as it is stronger across the technical, environmental and economic criteria outlined on our report. The Panel are satisfied that no further analysis of the overhead and underground solutions is required.
We will now be moving ahead to develop the Regional Option.
A summary of our report on the Grid Link Project to the Independent Expert Panel can be found here. The report itself is available at this link.
For further information please contact us on 01 2370479 or by emailing us at
Kind regards
Fintan Slye
Chief  Executive, EirGrid


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Deputy Seamus Healy has slammed the Government announced “review” of the Gridlink 25 as a stroke to get over the forthcoming Local and European Elections due on 23rd May next.

For months now Deputy Healy has been calling for fully independent international review of all aspects of the Gridlink proposal.
He has stressed time and time again that such a review must be independent of Eirgrid, which have its own agenda and whose consultation process was fatally flawed from the beginning.

This review is not independent of Eirgrid. In fact Eirgrid will prepare and supply engineering, technical and financial reports to the review panel.

The panels terms of reference are far too narrow and it will make only recommendations to Minister Rabbitte who has as late as last weekend, confirmed his view that these high voltage cables cannot be put underground.

Neither will the review panel deal with the health effects of these high voltage cables.

This review is handed to the Department of Environment, Heritage and Local Government. Hardly an independent body under Minister Phil Hogan.

His bully boy tactics in bulldozing house tax and water charges legislation through the Dáil in a matter of hours does not give the public confidence in his ability to deal with this issue in a fair and impartial manner.

There is widespread concern and scepticism among the public that this so called expert review is an attempt to “pull wool over our eyes” until after the Local and European elections.

Seamus Healy T.D.
087 2802199

Seamus Healy TD raises the issue of monster pylons, the anger in rural Ireland and the 35,000 public submissions to EIRGRID in opposition to Government plans.

Deputy Healy asks the Taoiseach to suspend the pylon project until at least an international, independent assessment is carried out.

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