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Workers and Unemployed Action Candidates in the local election, Cllr Pat English, Martina Maher and Pearl Sheehan are asking the public to send the Government a clear message “ We’ve Had Enough”.

This is a Government of broken promises which has targeted low and middle income families while protecting a golden circle of the rich and powerful in society.

The Local Elections must send a clear message to Government “ Hands Off Ordinary People”.

In the 2011 General Election, Enda Kenny and Eamon Gilmore asked the public to ‘vote for change’. They promised to “burn the bondholders” , they promised “not another cent for the banks”, they promised “ to protect the vulnerable” and it was going to be “Labour’s Way not Frankfurt’s Way” .

The Fine Gael/Labour Party Government has broken all promises. They took the public for fools.

They were only a wet week in office when they turned their coats and donned the clothes of the Fianna Fáil/Green Party Government. This Government embraced the austerity agenda with a vengeance. An array of tax increases and cuts to services followed and facilities like St. Michael’s Unit and Kickham Barracks were closed.

The sick , elderly , medical card holders, carers, pensioners and children, even the dead, were targeted for cuts like the loss of medical cards, cuts to child benefit , heating allowances, telephone rental, respite grants, disabled persons grants, death grants and the list goes on.

Families were hit by House and Water Taxes. It is morally wrong, unjust and unfair.

This Government , like the last, is making ordinary people pay for a recession in which they had no hand, act or part in creating while the rich fat cats get off scot free.

Workers and Unemployed Action have three candidates in the Local Elections for the Cahir/Clonmel District, Cllr Pat English, Martina Maher and Pearl Sheehan who will faithfully stand up for the ordinary man and woman and their families and bring back the message of fairness and job creation to the powers that be.

Cllr Pat English
Martina Maher
Pearl Sheehan


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