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There is no substitute for actual Gardaí patrolling from open, staffed garda stations in rural and urban areas!

Both recent governments are responsible for cuts in garda numbers and services.
This resulted in a reduction in over 2000 gardaí since and the closure of about 130 garda stations including several in Co. Tipperary.
Five garda stations were closed in January 2013 in Co. Tipperary.

The low level of garda recruitment now in place will not even replace the number of gardaí retiring.

A loss of 44 Gardaí in Co Tipperary took place in the period from 2010-2015 alone.

All other sitting Co Tipperary TDs, without exception, except myself, supported cuts in garda services. They are all now pretending otherwise!
Don’t Believe a Word They Say!
The number of new recruits is gossly inadequate to restore the garda service and to protect the public. Multiples of this number should be immediately recruited. All retiring gardaí must be replaced. Because of the time lag between recruiting and graduating some emergency measures should be put in place.

To meet the public safety emergency, retired gardai should be offered short term re-employment on full pay and existing gardaí must be allowed to continue in office without damage to their pensions.

All the closed garda stations must be re-opened and staffed without delay.
Seamus Healy TD
087 2802199

Deputy Seamus Healy has condemned Tánaiste Joan Burton for one of the meanest cuts yet.
Having insulted pensioners with a miserly €3 per week budget increase she now has instructed officers of the Department of Social Welfare to cut that €3 from sick pensioners who require a Special Diet.
Hard to believe – yes, Well I am attaching a copy of the cut notification received by a 90 year old pensioner (personal details are excluded).
This is one of the many cuts targeting pensioners such as abolition of telephone allowance, reduction in household benefits package, reduction in fuel allowance, increased prescription charges, abolition of the bereavement grant and the list goes on.
Deputy Healy has called on Labour Party Tánaiste Joan Burton T.D. to reverse this cut immediately.


Seamus Healy TD ​​
087 2802199

A deliberate Government Policy is ripping off Irish Mortgage Holders and Small Businesses.


According a survey of interest rates published by the Central Bank, variable rate new housing loans averaged 4.13%


Typical Eurozone mortgage rates are 2.1%-roughly half the Irish rate.


And interest rates for small businesses have come down everywhere in Europe except Ireland, according to retired governor of the Central Bank, Patrick Honohan .


The excuse given by Government and Central Bank is that they “can’t intervene in the market”


This is pure deception.


They are intervening in the market with the effect of keeping rates artificially high! There is effectively no competition in the Irish Market


Fine Gael Finance Minister Michael Noonan has designated Bank of Ireland(BoI) and Allied Irish Bank (AIB) as “Pillar Banks”. This means that they cannot be allowed to fail and will be subsidised or bailed out again by government if necessary. This has frightened off foreign competition-Danske Bank and Bank of Scotland have already left.


This allows AIB, BoI and Permanent TSB to run a cosy cartel at the expense of householders and small businesses.


The Government is the owner of AIB, Permanent TSB and EBS as it holds the vast majority of the shares. It can call special general meetings of shareholders at any time and it can instruct the banks to lower the rates. All other banks would then have to lower their rates to stay in business


But the government will not do this. Instead it hypocritically calls in the banks from time to time “to express its concern” at the high rates.


The high interest rates are, in effect, a penal tax imposed by the government on householders and small businesses.


The balance sheets of the banks are being repaired by this tax. The banks are being “fattened up for privatisation”. When sold off the money will be used to pay back loans borrowed to bail out huge investors in the banks before they crashed.


There will be no compensation by government for small investors such as investors of pension and redundancy lump sums who were wiped out in the crash of bank shares.


Labour and Fine Gael are deliberately running this scam on the public. Fianna Fáil are just moaning about it rather than exposing this huge scandal.


Candidates of these parties should be forced to explain and to commit to ending the scam




Seamus Healy TD ​​​​​​​​

Tel: 087 2802199


Mattie McGrath TD offers to support a Fine Gael Government in the next Dáil.
Michael Noonan, chief architect of the cuts has approached him!
In his announcement Mattie McGrath T.D. did not set out any of the issues below as “red line issues” for his support
We must therefore assume that Mattie is prepared to support the following policies to which Fine Gael are committed to implement in the next government:
• Water Charges to be continued.

• Family Home Tax to be continued.

• Exorbitant Interest Rates on Mortgage Holders-Twice the European Average, to be continued.

• Eviction of Tipperary families from their homes by government owned banks to be continued.

• Michael Noonan has recently refused the request of Seamus Healy TD, in a parliamentary question in the Dáil, to stop AIB, Permanent TSB and ESB, in which the Minister holds the huge majority of the shares, seeking the eviction of Tipperary families through the courts.

Mattie McGrath has recently expressed concern that home repossessions by banks are pushing people towards suicide. This is a concern that I share.
In the Dáil, just before the dissolution, I appealed to Minister Michael Noonan to order the banks he owns to withdraw repossession proceedings in light of the extreme housing emergency which exists.

The Minister refused.
This means that the government has given the green light to the banks they own, to continue to evict families including up to 100 Tipperary families who are up for repossession before the County Tipperary circuit courts.
Mattie McGrath should clarify his position to the people of Tipperary urgently.
He cannot continue to run with the hare and hunt with the hounds
Seamus Healy TD ​​087 2802199

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