Working in the Community, Working for the Community


South Tipperary General Hospital has lost almost 25% of its budget and more than 100 staff over the last few years. Beds have been closed and the hospital has been put under extreme pressure. The number of patients forced to await admission on trolleys in corridors is simply unacceptable.

This year another €1.7million has been cut from the hospital budget. It is a well known practice of the Health Service Executive and Department of Health to starve a hospital of finance and resources and then use the resulting situation to close or transfer wards and services.

In the coming months South Tipperary General Hospital faces a “review” of its Accident and Emergency department and its Maternity department. “Review” is Health Service Executive “speak” for downgrading, closure or transfer of services. South Tipperary General Hospital is part of the new South/South West Group of hospitals. This new grouping may well be used to attempt to transfer acute services from South Tipperary to Waterford Regional Hospital and Cork University Hospital.

Let the Health Service Executive be warned that any attempt to downgrade South Tipperary General Hospital will be successfully fought by the people of South Tipperary.

Not too long ago the public of South Tipperary put “People Power” of 15,000 on the streets and won. It may have to happen again.


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