Working in the Community, Working for the Community

Statement by Seamus Healy TD 087-2802199

I wish to welcome the extension of the deadline for submissions to Eirgrid concerning its proposal to ditribute electricity via high voltage overhead lines strung between huge pylons.

In my recent Leaders Question to the Tánaiste, I requested such an extension. I also called for these lines to be placed underground.

However,I am seriously concerned by attempts by Eirgrid to confine the consultation to contention as to which corridoor should be used for these overhead lines. I referred to this in my Dáil question.

In it’s statement extending the deadline Eirgrid states :

“During this third round of public consultation, the project team has met with thousands of

stakeholders who have provided important feedback on the route corridor options which will

inform the technical team in the identification of a least constrained corridor in mid-2014. The

least constrained corridor is considered to be the corridor which best avoids social,

environmental, technical and other constraints.”

This is an attempt to present the general principle of overhead lines as a fait accompli. It would also facilitate efforts by government politicians to characterise objectors as being guilty of “NIMBYISM” (Not in my back yard)

I urge all those making submissions to contest the fundamental principle of high voltage overhead lines and monstrous pylons and to unite together on this basis.

Seamus Healy TD


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