Working in the Community, Working for the Community

Before the ink was dry on the Referendum result, Germany has rejected any deal for Ireland on bank debt saying that it would be a “negative signal” to re-open Ireland’s rescue arrangements.

“We see no need for movement at the moment” said  Martin Kotthaus, spokesman for Germanys Finance Minister Wolfgang Schauble.


The European Commission has also warned against liking Ireland’s Yes vote with the request to ease the burden of the banking rescue.  “It’s a further commitment but it has nothing to do with the work that Ireland is doing with the help of the Troika” said a Commission spokesperson.


Be assured we will be subject to endless talk about deals, possible deals, definitely maybe deals on the bank debt and promissory notes but there won’t be any lifting of the burden until an Irish government is prepared to play hardball through threats of default by withholding interest payments.  Things have moved on since Thursday, Europe’s attention has moved elsewhere, we’ve done our duty and we’re yesterday’s news.


The Government, Taoiseach, Tánaiste must now stand up for this country and demand that the commitments made during the Referendum are honoured.


Seamus Healy T.D.

Tel: 087 2802199


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