Working in the Community, Working for the Community

The sole Labour Party representative on Clonmel Borough Council will unveil a plaque in the Town Hall at 12 mid-day next Sunday, May 27 to mark the centenary of the successful proposal of James Connolly and Jim Larkin to the Irish TUC AGM to form a 32-county All-Ireland Labour Party.

The Workers and Unemployed Action Group led by Seamus Healy TD is the largest party on the Council having 5 elected members on the 12 member Council. WUAG is an affiliate of the United Left Alliance.

WUAG takes the view that the austerity policy being imposed by the Labour Party in Government is the direct opposite of the policies advocated by Connolly and Larkin which led them to propose the formation of a Labour Party in 1912. This policy includes wage reductions (JLC BILL), cuts in child benefit, reduction of heating allowances to the poor and the old, the imposition of household charges and water charges, refusal to tax the incomes and assets of the very rich and at a local level the closure of Kickham Military Barracks and the Acute Psychiatric Unit of South Tipperary General Hospital.

The unveiling of the plaque is an act of gross hypocrisy on the part of the Labour Party.

Accordingly, the Workers and Unemployed Action Group has called a protest meeting at 11 am on Sunday next, May 27, at Parnell St Clonmel outside the Town Hall. The meeting will be addressed by Seamus Healy TD, WUAG Councillors and other invited speakers.

All those who oppose austerity and wish to vindicate the traditions of Connolly and Larkin are invited to attend.

Seamus Healy T.D. 087-2802199


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