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Healy Calls For Non Payment Campaign on Household and Septic Tank Taxes


Séamus Healy TD and the Workers and Unemployed Action Group will step up the Non-Payment Campaign next week.  The government is now attempting to enforce the household tax and is beginning to install water meters in homes across the state.  Rural households are to face an additional septic tank tax.  These households face an initial registration charge and could be faced with bills for thousands of Euro subsequently.

While the household tax will start at  €100 annually, this will grow to several hundred euro in coming years.  Those who have bought or are buying out their own home including those living in local authority estates will be subject to the tax. The government has also agreed with the EU/IMF that from 2014 households will be charged for water.  John Fitzgerald of ESRI has said that the new taxes should be €1300 per annum on the average household.  The government, like its predecessor, is determined to make the average citizen pay for the crisis while the super-rich escape.  Our living standards are being attacked and our public services are being savaged to pay for the financial gambling of big developers and bankers at home and abroad.

Across the country a campaign is being built to oppose the household and septic tank taxes.

By standing together we can beat these taxes and stand up to austerity generally!   

Séamus Healy TD and the Workers and Unemployed Action Group will hold public meetings on these issues at a number of venues  next week:


Hearns Hotel, Monday 16 January at 8pm

Carrick-on-Suir :

Carraig Hotel , Thursday 19 January at 8pm

Tipperary Town:

Community Services Centre, St Michaels Street,  Friday 20 January at 8pm

Statement By Seamus Healy TD  087-2802199


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