Working in the Community, Working for the Community

Statement by Seamus Healy TD

Labour gives Go-ahead to Health Cuts and New Attack on Coeliacs

Congratulations to the disability campaigners and the Carers Association who camped outside Leinster House and succeeded in securing restoration of 10 million in cuts to personal assistance services. They have shown that standing up to barbarism works.

But, at yesterday’s cabinet meeting, the Labour ministers allowed all the other cuts including the cuts to home help services to go ahead and there are new exclusions from medicines available on the medical card. In addition to the anti-cholestrol drugs already excluded now gluten free foods are no longer covered by the medical card or by tax rebates. “Director of Older and Bolder, Patricia Conboy, said: “Cuts to home-care services which support older people to remain living at home and within their own communities will result in earlier admissions to nursing homes, longer stays in acute hospitals and anguish for families who wish to care for relatives suffering from illness, frailty and disability at home.” (see newspaper reports below)

I call on Labour Party representatives to take example from Labour Party councillor Paul O’Shea (Ennis) and to insist that all these cuts be set aside.

I have already sought, without success, an emergency meeting of the Oireachtas Committee on Health with a view to stopping these cuts.

The money should be found from taxing the still growing assets of the super-rich.

Net assets of the top 300 Irish citizens have increased by 4.9 Billion Euro in the year 2011 and by 12 billion in the past two years to a new high level of 62Billion! New research carried out by Nick Webb for Sunday Independent, March 11, 2012, has established the above figures and identified the 300 individuals concerned. Those who have gone “bust” or have much reduced wealth have been replaced by 44 new entrants. Wealth has not disappeared but some has moved between asset holders.


Seamus Healy 087-2802199

Member of Oireachtas Committee on Health and Children.


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