Working in the Community, Working for the Community

Deputy Seamus Healy has called on Mr. Cathal McGee; CEO of the Health Service Executive to personally and publicly confirm that there is no threat to St. Anthony’s Unit for the Elderly.

Once again the irresponsible conduct of the Health Service Executive has spread fear, anxiety, worry and confusion among elderly residents, families and staff of St. Anthony’s Unit for the Elderly in Clonmel.

Deputy Healy said he was shocked to be told on Friday afternoon last that there was a threat to the unit and when he visited the unit on Friday evening, he found residents, families and staff deeply worried for the future.

Having fully investigated the recent developments at the unit, I am fully satisfied that a threat to close the unit was indeed made.

This is directly contrary to assurances giving to me and others when we were briefed on the 2012 HSE Plan for the South on the 24th February last.

These assurances were giving to by Mr. Pat Healy, Health Service Executive, Regional Director South in the presence of the Health Service Executive South East Area Manager and of the Health Service Executive South Tipperary Manager.

Mr. Pat Healy confirmed that St. Anthony’s Unit would not close and that furthermore no beds in the unit would close.

In view of these contradictory statements, the most Senior National Health Service Executive Official, Mr. McGee must now publicly confirm that St. Anthony’s Unit will remain open and fully operational for both residential and respite services.

Deputy Healy said that he had been monitoring developments at St. Anthony’s Unit for some time and remained concerned for the future of the unit.

The future position of the respite service being provided at the unit must also be fully clarified. There are strong indications that the respite service will be reduced or indeed removed completely.

Respite admissions are now being booked on an ad hoc weekly basis rather than the planned 3 monthly basis heretofore.

Seamus Healy T.D 087 2802199
56 Queen Street


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