Statement from Tipperary County Council re Clonmel Flood Response Plan- Evacuation of Kilganey.  8pm 02/01/2-16

River levels in the River Suir are currently at 3.802m and based on anticipated rainfall between midnight tonight and noon tomorrow it is predicted that the critical level of 4m for the Kilganey area of Clonmel will be reached.

Following a meeting of the Clonmel Flood Response Team a decision has been taken to activate level 3 of the Clonmel Flood Response Plan and proceed with the evacuation of Kilganey.

Arrangements are currently being made to individually contact all families concerned advising of the need to evacuate.

Families are being directed to the Clonmel Park Hotel as an initial gathering point to ensure that all families are accounted for.

The relevant statutory agencies will be liaising with the relevant families concerned with a view to identifying suitable alternative accommodation where necessary.
The situation in relation to other areas of Clonmel issued with a precautionary evacuation notice will continue to be monitored.

Ger Walsh
Corporate Services
Tipperary County Council