The announcement by Supervalu of the closure of the Clonmel store at Market Place is dreadful news for the 44 employees and their families coming up to Christmas. It follows equally devastating news for the families affected by the Caulfield SUPERVALU closure in Tipperary Town last month.

The workers and their union must be supported in their call for a fully satisfactory redundancy and redeployment settlement.

The company has cited a “drop in footfall” as a significant factor in the closure while the Mandate Trade Union, representing the workers, has cited a lack
of disposable income among workers and unemployed.
Austerity measures, involving the extraction of billions out of the economy of by successive governments in recent years, is the fundamental cause of this closure.

Disposable income in Co Tipperary is 5% below the national average and 16% below that in Dublin. The so-called recovery is mainly based in the big cities and has been directed into the pockets of the very rich who have no need to spend the extra money in our shops.

The reduction in unemployment is lagging 4% below the national average in Co Tipperary
Not 1 cent of 150 million to be spent on IDA advance factories and offices to be spent in Ireland over the next five years is to be spent in Co Tipperary!!!
Recent job announcements are barely sufficient to compensate for the nett 321 IDA jobs which were were lost in Co Tipperary over the last 3 years.
94% of all jobs created last year were in the Dublin area Tipperary needs a fair share of the IDA funding and there is a need for more spending on roads, house building and other infrastructure in the county.
The 15 million cut in Leader funding in the County must be restored.
Seamus Healy TD 087-2802199