Focus Ireland Spokesperson said:This is far from rent certainty.
However, we are highly concerned it will fail to stem the constant rising flow of 70 to 80 families becoming homeless in Dublin alone very month. —–The measures are far from a convincing response to the scale of the problems we are facing.
Kelly sought that rent increases be pegged to the cost of living. But Minister Noonan(FG) backed by 25 FG Landlord TDs, and American developers Kennedy Wilson forced him to bend the knee and retreat.
Landlords can only increase the rent every two years now rather than every year as before. Landlords must get three local examples of rents to justify an increase.!!! This will make almost no difference. In a situation where there is no competition between landlords due to shortage of accomodation, landlords can simply raise the rent by double the yearly increase every two years! OR, WORSE STILL, RAISE THE RENT BY A LARGE AMOUNT BEFORE THE LAW COMES IS PASED. The Dáil sat all night to bail out the Banks. But there is no urgency about protecting tenants!