Press Statement 24 March 2015 –  Seamus Healy TD   087-2802199

Co Tipperary is being Forgotten!Further Blow TODAY as Government Reduces Leader Funding by 15 million

Ministers Kelly(Lab) and Hayes(FG) Must Act Now to Stop Tipp falling Further Behind!

Disposable income per head in County Tipperary is more than 5% below the national average and more than 16% below the Dublin level.

Today Minister Kelly is to announce  10.2 million in leader Funding for Co Tipperary. This is a reduction of 15 million over the 2013 figure.

94% of all net new jobs in 2014 were created in the Dublin region according to figures published by the Nevin Economic Research Institute last Thursday.

The disposable income statistics were  issued last week by the Central Statistics Office (CSO).

Disposable income is gross income less taxes and social welfare contributions. The lower the disposable income is, the poorer the family is.

The statistics are for 2012 but the situation in Co Tipperary has probably deteriorated since then as there was a net loss of 321 IDA jobs in the county over the last 3 years

County Tipperary languishes at number 12 in county disposable income league behind Dublin, Limerick,

Cork , Kildare, Wicklow , Meath, Galway, Carlow, Waterford, Sligo and Louth.

The decline in Disposable income in Tipperary between 2008 and 2012 at approximately 17% was greater than that in all other Munster Counties except Clare at 17.2%. The decline in Co Limerick was only 0.1%. The Decline in the Dublin area was 8.8%, half the decline in Co Tipp.

This shocking statistic underlines the urgent need for new job creation in the county.

The Nevin Economic Research Institute revealed on Thursday last that 94% of all net new jobs created last year were in Dublin and it’s the commuter belt. In 2012 Dublin had disposable income which was 13% above the national average and over 16% above the Co Tipperary level. Clearly the gap is continuing to widen.

There was a NET LOSS of 321 IDA JOBS In Co Tipp over last 3 years but the County Was  Excluded from provision of new advance factories or offices in the Government Plan For JOBS

Minister Bruton Admitted to me in the Dail recently that only 2 (two) net jobs were provided by IDA in Co Tipperary in 2014!!!!! There were 64 new jobs and 62 job losses in the county. WORSE STILL-There was a net loss of 321 IDA Jobs in the county over the last 3 years. Yet the towns of County Tipperary were all omitted from the plan to spend 150 million euro on providing advance factories and offices to encourage inward investment in its plan for jobs issued yesterday!!!

Despite repeated questions from me  in the Dáil recently Minister Bruton failed to give any assurance that any advance manufacturing and office facilities for incoming IDA supported industry would be built in any Co Tipperary location over the next five years.

Ministers Kelly and Hayes must demand fundamental change in the Government Plan for Jobs so that advance factories and offices can be urgently built in the towns of Tipperary.

The Labour/Fine Gael Government must not be allowed to forget and ignore the plight of Co Tipperary families!

Seamus Healy TD   087-2802199

Disposable income per Head by County


Dublin   22,011

Limerick  21326

Cork          19,704

Kildare      19658

Wicklow    19009

Meath   18898

Galway     18890

Carlow     18670

Waterford 18610

North Tipp     18563      of state  95.4%   of Dublin  84.4

Sligo               18456

Louth              18445

All Tipp           18383

South Tipp     18202         of state    93.5%   of Dublin   82.7%

Leitrim              18096

State               19468             Dublin   22011

All Tipp   12th                        of state  94.4%    of Dublin 83.6%

Drop in Disposable Income for Munster Counties from 2008 to 2012

The breakdown of figures for Munster show:

– Clare €22,185 (–€4,623) down 17.2%.

– Cork €24,832 (–€3,236) down 11.5%.

– Kerry €21,134 (–€2,062) down 8.9%.

– Limerick €26,590 (–€19) down 0.1%.

– North Tipperary €22,351 (–€4,757) down 17.5%.

– South Tipperary €21,976 (–€4,192) down 16.0%.

– Waterford €22,847 (–€3,597) down 13.6%.

By contrast, Dublin’s average income fell 8.8% (€2,835) to €29,278.