WUA Alone in Opposing Budget 2015 for Co Tipperary at Estimates Meeting  

Almost 33million Euro per year taken from Economy of Co Tipperary by FG/Lab Government since 2011 through reduction in annual General Purpose Grant to Local Authorities From General Taxation  

I proposed the rejection of the Budget for 2015 at the estimates meeting of Co Tipperary Co council. No councillor could be found to second the motion and all other councillors agreed the budget.  

The budget for 2015 contains the extraction of an additional €12.245  million out of the economy of Co Tipperary in the coming year. This is because Minister Kelly has replaced more than half of government funding for the year by the proceeds of Local Property Tax collected from the citizens of Co Tipperary.

I opposed these estimates because to do otherwise would be to agree to this large additional extraction of money from the people of Co Tipperary   

As can be seen from the figures below, Minister Kelly’s government has reduced government funding to Tipperary local authorities by almost €33 million or 75%  since  it came to power in 2011. This extraction by Alan Kelly’s government out of the economy of County Tipperary is a huge factor in depressing the local economy, keeping unemployment high and reducing demand to small businesses.

North and South Tipp are in the highest regions of unemployment in Ireland according to official figures.

The budget also provided money for JUNKETS (travel and maintenance for councillors at conferences at home and abroad). I proposed that this money be set aside for childrens’ playgrounds. This amendment was defeated by a large majority. The provision for junkets was contained in the final overall budget for which all councillors voted, except myself.

On top of the property tax,  water charges are to be imposed from 01 January 2015.  This will extract even more money from the local economy causing further depression and crucifying already hard pressed people. According to the Nevin Economic Research Institute, the poorest 10% are paying a higher proportion of income tax than the top 10%!


WE are already paying for water and other local services, through general taxation, direct and indirect. Now we are being forced to pay a second time through these charges for services which have been reduced by government cuts.

This money is being diverted to pay part of the €8 billion per year interest which recent governments have incurred through bailing out billionaire investors in bust banks.

Local property Tax and Water Charges are devices to make the ordinary person pay for bailing out banks.

Minister Noonan has informed the Dail that the top 10,000 income earners have €595,000 Euro per year EACH.  Financial assets of households (shares, bank deposits, insurance policies) are now back above peak boom levels at €334 billion Euro gross (CSO Institutional sector accounts). The wealthiest 300 Irish citizens have a total of €62 Billion Euro in Assets(Nick Webb, Sunday Independent)

Minister Kelly and his government should take the money from them and use it to abolish home and water taxes.

Councillor Pat English, Workers and Unemployed Action      


Total General Purpose Grant (GPG) To ALL Co Tipperary   

                         Local Authorities (Euro)

YEAR             2008                    2011                  2013                2014                     2015

GPG Total   54,684,395         43,644,608         38,271,37 2     22,755,110          11,075,302                                                                                                                                        

Note      GPG =20% of 2008 Figure , GPG= 25%  of 2011 figure when current government came to power

            The figure of 11,075,302 contains a net 1.25 million Euro received from the property tax national equalisation fund

            Total  Local Property Tax Collected from households in Co Tipperary was  12.245 Million Euro

MONEY EXTRACTED FROM CO Tipperary since 2008 through reduction of GPG,   54.684-11.075= 43.609 Million Euro

MONEY EXTRACTED FROM CO Tipperary since 2011 through reduction of GPG,   43.645-11.075= 32.570 Million Euro

The figure for General Purpose Grant given in the Budget 2015 by Tipperary Co Council is  23,320,100 Euro. But this figure contains the 12.245 million collected in property tax in Co Tipperary and an additional 1.25 million from the national property tax equalisation fund, money collected in property tax from more populous counties.