Parents who have children aged four years and over, and who are in receipt of a social welfare payment / taking part in a training employment scheme, or whose income is under the recommended income threshold may be eligible for this allowance.

The Department of Social Protection have stated that they will pay a number of people automatically which means a lot of families will not have to apply for this payment manually. However, If you have not received an automatic payment by the 9th of June 2014, please complete an application form. More information is available by contacting the office on 052 6121883 or call to any of our clinics.

Income limits for Couples 2014
Couple Income limit
1 child €563.60
2 children €593.40
3 children €623.20
4 children €653*

Income limits for Lone Parents 2014
Lone parent Income limit
1 child €410.10
2 children €439.90
3 children €469.70
4 children €499.50*

*The income limit is increased by €29.80 for each additional dependent child.

If you believe that your income is below the income threshold and have not received a payment automatically, call the office and we will be happy to assist you in filling in a form. Closing date for this allowance is the 30th of September 2014.