In light of Irish Water stating yesterday that they will not have charges identified until after the elections despite the Taoiseach stating to the contrary during Leaders Questions on 04 February , Deputy Healy again asked the Taoseach this morning:

Deputy Healy asks the Taoiseach the following questions with regard to the introduction of the water charges:

“Where water is not fit for purpose, such as in the case of the 18,000 families subject to boil water notices like residences in my constituency served by the Burncourt regional water supply scheme, will families be charged for water?”

“Where hard water is supplied and is corroding electric kettles, shower heads, washing machines and dishwashers, as is the case across the northern part of Clonmel, will the families be charged for water?”

“A huge number of premises will not be metered before the introduction of the charges. How will the bills for these families be calculated?”

“What will be the free water allowance? Will larger households get a larger free allowance of water?”

“Where individuals have special needs for extra drinking water, will the extra amount be free?”

“Will individuals with medical conditions requiring frequent use of toilet facilities, for example those suffering from incontinence, prostate problems or Crohn’s disease, be provided with extra free water for sanitation?”

In addition Deputy Healy asked the Taoiseach if he had misled the Dáil last week, reminding the Taoiseach of his reply which is on the Dáil record, or had Irish Water mislead the Dáil Environment Committee yesterday.