South Tipperary County Council, as the Water Services Authority for South Tipperary, wishes to advise its consumers that it is required to pursue the issuing of an “Emergency Notice” under the Water Services Act 2007, Part 3, Section 56 sub-section 3, to implement a Hosepipe Ban for all Water Service Authority Schemes in South Tipperary, with immediate effect.

This Emergency Notice Hosepipe Ban will be placed on ALL County Council, Town Councils and Borough Council supplies within the South Tipperary County Council Water Authority.

The initial period of the Hosepipe Ban is for a period of 4 weeks (until the 13th August, 2013).

South Tipperary County Council would like to thank all its consumers for their co-operation during this period of reduced supply and increased demand on our limited water resources.

South Tipperary County Council Water Authority