Changes to Road markings at Fethard Road Roundabout, Clonmel, Co Tipperary

 Changes made

In the interest of road safety and to alleviate some traffic congestion South Tipperary County Council, in conjunction with Clonmel Borough Council, have recently altered the lane markings at the approach from Clonmel to the Fethard Road Roundabout. The Left Lane is now dedicated to Left Turning traffic only. The Right Lane is now to be used by traffic either travelling straight through the roundabout or turning Right towards Waterford. Road signage has been installed on the approach to the roundabout to give advance warning.

Why has this change been made?

There is frequently congestion on the Inner Relief Road between the Fethard Road Roundabout and the Cashel Road Roundabout. Traffic approaching the Fethard Road Roundabout from Clonmel often can’t turn left towards the Cashel Road Roundabout due to queuing traffic. Prior to recent changes, this held up traffic travelling straight through the roundabout towards Fethard. This unnecessary delay has lead to frustration which in turn can result in unsafe driving manoeuvres.

Further to concerns raised by An Garda Siochana and having observed the situation, South Tipperary County Council have changed the lane markings.

Authority to Make these Changes

As the Roads Authority, the Council is permitted to direct traffic at specific locations through the use of signage and road markings. Lane position is not marked on many roundabouts. However, it is normal practice in cities and large towns to do so where local traffic management is required.  This complies with the Rules of the Road which tells drives which lane to be in “ Unless road signs or road markings indicate otherwise”

South Tipperary County Council and Clonmel  Borough Council apologise for any inconvenience caused while traffic adjusts to the new road layout.

Peter Britton, Senior Engineer, Roads, STCC                        7/2/2013