The tax affairs of Mick Wallace T.D. are completely and absolutely wrong and unacceptable.

PAYE Workers are paying huge taxes and universal social charges directly from their wages, small businesses up and down the country are being put to the pin of their collar to pay their taxes, many have gone to the wall, social welfare recipients who have been overpaid are being made pay back the money.

Deputy Wallace has admitted underpaying V.A.T., collected from home-buyers, to the state and has not responded to the many suggestions that he pays this tax from his personal assets and income.

Deputy Wallace must pay back his tax liabilities from his assets and income, including his personal assets and income.

We cannot have double standards. There must not be one law for T.D.’s and another for ordinary citizens.

I believe Deputy Wallace’s position is incompatible with his continued membership of Dáil Éireann and that he should resign.


Seamus Healy T.D.