Today on radio it was suggested that the Government will take money from the wages and social welfare payments of people who do not pay the Household Charge. Can I clarify that this is not true. The Taoiseach himself on 08 February 2012 in the Dáil stated that there is no legislation nor is there any legislation being contemplated which will allow any monies to be taken from anyone’s wages or social welfare payments in this regard. The Taoiseach added that there were Constitutional Issues which make the introduction of such legislation extremely difficult. If a change is to be made to the Constitution we the people of Ireland must vote to allow the change to be made. I hope this clarifies the situation.



Further Meetings this week:

Kearney’s Castle Hotel – 01 March at 8pm

St Mary’s Hall – 02 March at 8pm




Anyone who would like further information or who would like to become involved in the campaign can contact or the helpline at 1890989800 or locally at Deputy Seamus Healy’s office at 56 Queen Street, Clonmel on 052 6121883.