Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The decision to close Kickham Barracks is totally outrageous and indefensible on any grounds.

Taken together with the closure of St Michaels’ Unit and the transferring of our Acute Psychiatric Beds to Kilkenny by a Labour Minister Kathleen Lynch, the Movement of the Vocational Education Committee from Clonmel and South Tipperary to Nenagh by Labour Minister Alan Kelly and now the closure of Kickham Barracks by Minister Alan Shatter of the Fine Gael party, it is evident that we are clearly under attack by this Labour  – Fine Gael Government.  We are under siege.

The people of Clonmel fought off Cromwell and we will fight this government of broken promises and pre election promises of fiction.

We are elected to defend our town and the decision to close Kickham Barracks yesterday is an attack on the economic, social and historical wellbeing of this town.

This is a vicious attack on our Soldiers and their families.  Our Soldiers and their families in the 12th Battalion are heartbroken by this news, some knowing when going to the Lebanon today that they will not return to their barracks.

For Deputy Tom Hayes to suggest in the media that no one will be out of work, he clearly can’t see that the loss of €9 – €10 million in revenue from the town will bring job losses and business closures.  Deputy Hayes is already insensitively talking of plans for Kickham Barracks, this speaks volumes.  Only on 10th October 2011 in Hearns Hotel he stated “I’ll fight Alan Shatter, Enda Kenny and anyone you want me too” – yet another promise of fiction to us I fear.

On the same night Mayor Darren Ryan stated he “would do all in his power”, he is the Mayor and first citizen of this town.  Is his loyalty to the Labour party or to the people of Clonmel, because the Labour Party has shown it is anything but loyal to the people of this town.  You can’t run with the hound and with the hare.

I call that this council insist the government immediately reverse this totally unnecessary and cost ineffective decision.

Signed: Cllr Helena McGee